Dennis is writing Personal Finance Column for My Paper!

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Dennis is writing Personal Finance Column for My Paper!

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My Paper will be relaunched TOMORROW 8 Jan 2008 as the world's first Bilingual newspaper, with equal coverage in English and Chinese.

I'm honoured to be invited by My Paper to write a Personal Finance Column on a fortnightly basis for My Paper. I will be writing my first column for My Paper tomorrow on 8 Jan 2008. Watch out for it!

Some of you might already know that it is my Personal Mission to help educate the public about Financial Education and raising Financial Awareness in Singapore.

Once again, this shows that "whatever our mind can Conceive and Believe in, we can Achieve". Having my own column in Newspaper to educate the public is one of the dreams I have that have come true. This Fortnightly column will go a long way to help me and My Paper contribute to Public Financial Education in Singapore.

In each of the column, (once in every 2 weeks), I'll be writing on a different topic, I'll be writing in a casual style so as to let the public knows that Personal Finance can be fun and interesting too (not technical and boring).

Surprise, surprise! I'll be writing in Chinese (yes, that is a good opportunity for me to brush up my written Chinese), I've forgotten how to write many chinese characters after graduating for 15 years, so this "assignment" will give me the motivation and reason to pick up my written Chinese again.

What a coincidence, back in 1991, I was also involved in the creation and production of the First Bilingual Magazine in NTU, and now in year 2008, I have the opportunity to do my little part in the creation of Singapore's First and Only Bilingual Newspaper.

I cannot describe how excited and motivated I am about doing this. So remember to look out for my article tomorrow 8 Jan 2008. The next article written by me will appear on 22 Jan 2008.

Dennis Ng - When You Master Your Finances, You Master Your Destiny

Note: I'm just sharing my personal comments, not giving you investment advice nor stock investment tips.
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