Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possible?

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Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possible?

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Are you happy if you can make 10% returns a year?

Are you happier if you can make infinite returns? Infinite returns happen when you fully recouped your capital, yet continue to earn recurrent income on your capital...

Is infinite returns possible? Of course, if you invested a sum of Capital, then you doubled your money, then you re-invest the doubled Capital and keep doubling your money...and if in the meantime, you also receive Recurrent Income...then you are actually getting infinite returns...or imagine having a Golden Goose, laying Golden Eggs and the Golden Eggs then hatched and grew up to be Golden Goose, and then lay Golden Eggs and the process just goes on and on and on...this can be done, let me illustrate with 3 Real Life Examples.

My 2 sifus and I together bought 3 units in a condo development which has en-bloc potential, investing total S$1 million.

Recently, we sold 2 out of the 3 units and by doing so, we already MORE than fully recouped the Principal amount we invested (S$1 million). So even if en-bloc does not materialise, we will still enjoy rental income from the remaining condo unit...and if we decide to sell, we can then re-deploy the money we'll get back into other investments or to serve as Opportunity Fund...

In year 2009, I sold half of my CITIGROUP shares which I bought at US$1 at US$4, and more than recouped back my capital invested into CITIGROUP. Later I bought more CITIGROUP shares when share price dropped to about US$3...Thus, currently the 1,000 (consolidated shares) of CITIGROUP shares I hold are actually FREE (since I have fully recouped my Capital)...

So even in worst case scenario if CITIGROUP collapses, I would NOT lose any money. If the share price move up, I make even more money...

One of my sifu bought a condo from me in year 2007, putting down 30% downpayment and borrowing 70%. Now the market value has gone up another 30% and recently, he took up Equity Loan equivalent to the 30% downpayment he paid in year 2007, so he fully recouped his capital and to him, this investment becomes "NO Money Down" from now onwards...he can choose to deploy the Equity loan into different investments or to set aside for his Opportunity Fund...

These are the Joys of investing. That it is possible for you to hatch your Golden Eggs, grow them to Golden Goose, and in turn, these Golden Goose lay more Golden Eggs...and sooner or later, you reached Financial Freedom and you can choose to stop working if you want, and just live on your Golden Eggs and Golden Goose...

I've reached Financial Freedom 3 years ago in year 2008 and in the last 2 years, again DOUBLED my Wealth...

I have NO doubt that if I comply with Prudent Financial Principles, invest my money only if Upside is at least double of Downside; Put my eggs into different baskets; Position my Portfolio to be "All Weather Proof" that can withstand the Next Global Financial Crisis...then I would just get Richer and Richer over time, the only question is How much Richer, that's all.

I'm sharing this NOT to boast but hope this can Inspire and Encourage more people to start Planning and Growing your Money, so that one day you can also get to enjoy what I'm currently enjoying (Financial Freedom and the choice to do what I want).

Dennis Ng - When You Master Your Finances, You Master Your Destiny

Note: I'm just sharing my personal comments, not giving you investment advice nor stock investment tips.
Dennis Ng
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Re: Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possi

Post by Dennis Ng »

Another real life example of how much returns one can make on a Property investment.

A piece of land bought at $462 psf in year 2001 now sold at more than S$2,000 psf. Imagine if the investor obtains just 60% financing on the land, his actual investment in the land is only $184.8 selling the land at $2,000 psf, even if we factor in interest rate on loan assuming 4% for 11 years, would reap him Gains of about $1,734 psf, or 838%.

Please take note that over the years, he could also have applied additional loan becos the land appreciated in value, and used the additional loan granted to make further investments, thereby again achieving Infinite Returns on his initial investment.

The Rich Borrow to become Richer and when they borrow, it is for them to invest to make Higher returns than the interest they pay on the loans. While the middle class tries to pay off their debts and be debt-free, ending up at age 60 with a fully-paid house and very little cash and wonder why "money is always not enough?"

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Dennis Ng

Published February 24, 2012

Peter Kwee sells Nassim Rd plot for about $47.8m

$2,000 psf on land area is a new high for a GCB on Nassim Road


(SINGAPORE) Motoring tycoon Peter Kwee is said to have sold a vacant plot along Nassim Road for about $47.8 million or $2,000 per square foot (psf) based on its freehold land area of about 23,920 sq ft.

While the psf land price for the transaction is slightly shy of the $2,081 psf islandwide record for a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) Area set last year, it is nonetheless said to be a fresh high for Nassim Road.

Newsman Realty confirmed it brokered the latest deal. The buyer is a Singaporean businessman, said the firm's managing director KH Tan.

The plot was originally part of a larger site of over 100,000 sq ft that Mr Kwee, boss of Group Exklusiv, teamed up with Tee Yih Jia executive chairman Sam Goi to purchase from the British High Commission back in 2001 for $50.4 million or $438 psf on a land area of 114,981 sq ft. However, on a net land area of 109,059 sq ft - after setting aside land for roads and drainage - the price paid then worked out to a higher figure of $462 psf.

The two men later split the parcel, with Mr Kwee taking the larger slice of about 63,300 sq ft. From this, he carved out two plots. One was a 39,383-sq-ft plot which he sold to Sukmawati Widjaja, also known as Oei Siu Hoa, for $25.5 million or $647 psf in 2003. Ms Widjaja now lives with her family in the bungalow on the site. The second plot is the one just transacted.

Mr Goi also built his own residence on the neighbouring plot.

Following the latest sale, the Kwee family is left with another plot on Nassim Road, next to the Russian Embassy.

The 45,006-sq-ft freehold site was formerly occupied by Nassim Gardens, a three-storey block of 10 apartments with a swimming pool. This has since been torn down. Agents say the plot, which has a long driveway, can be redeveloped into either two GCBs given the minimum land area of 1,400 sq metres or 15,069.5 sq ft stipulated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority for GCBs or into another low-rise apartment project not exceeding the gross floor area of the former Nassim Gardens.

Talk in the market is that Mr Kwee has received offers of about $100 million or $2,222 psf but is said to be seeking about $110 million or $2,444 psf - or even more.

The psf record price for a Good Class Bungalow Area is held by 6 Chatsworth Road, diagonally opposite the Indonesian Embassy, which transacted at $2,081 psf in July last year. This slightly surpassed the previous record of $2,038 psf for 16 Cluny Road set in February last year. That deal in turn broke the previous high of $1,899 psf for 32H Nassim Road in October 2007 set by Raffles Education founder and chairman Chew Hua Seng.

However, the Chatsworth bungalow as well as 32H Nassim Road have smaller land areas than the typical minimum GCB plot size of 15,069.46 sq ft.

When GCB Areas were gazetted in 1980, they included some smaller existing sites. These are still considered GCBs as they would be bound by the other GCB planning rules if they were to be redeveloped. For instance, such plots cannot be further sub-divided and they cannot be built more than two storeys high (plus an attic and a basement).

Dennis Ng - When You Master Your Finances, You Master Your Destiny

Note: I'm just sharing my personal comments, not giving you investment advice nor stock investment tips.
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Re: Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possi

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Re: Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possi

Post by candy_chia »


Shared the same view as ein55, let's bury the hatchet and be united as a greater force.
ein55 wrote:I have been away from this forum for the past 4 months, no reading nor writing until today. It happens to be a sad day for all in this forum.

After knowing the background of Dennis' poor health, I think some of us may have misunderstood his past actions to close the forum and stop teaching. He probably knows about his poor health condition and seriously considering reserving more time for himself and family, if the forum not worth his attention anymore. So, he has probably make up his mind recently by giving a final test to the forum to make a decision, whether it worths his sacrifice.

Unfortunately, it is too late. Looking back, I am actually hoping he could successfully close the forum and exit from the investment education programs, as he deserves the enjoyment of financial freedom. This way, he may be able to improve his health over the time.

His unique way of teaching (with strong emotion to "wake up" the learners) probably has affected his health over the years, especially for heart/liver, esp with very little rest and overloaded work. It is also not easy for someone who is under the spotlight (TV, radio, books, seminars, interview, etc) to quit everything overnight, even he has achieved financial freedom. Once the train is moving to full speed, it is hard to change the momentum to slow down or stop it.

His strong character (a common quality found in many successful people) helps him to be persistent in achieving his dream project of helping others achieving financial freedom. At the same time, this same character unfortunately has somehow clashed with some graduates who have different opinions, including some of us, causing unwanted misunderstanding, resulting in ineffectiveness in his teaching plans to deliver the desired results. This has probably depressed him further, especially over the past 1 year when market is highly uncertain, most graduates look upon him for direction, but in reality, probably only God knows whether the market will be eventually up or down. Mixed market signals and different views have somehow disintegrated the forum group, as few people will admit they are wrong. As a result, more people keep quiet, less sharing, leading to recent misunderstanding that the graduates are not willing to share.

No one is perfect. Under the same condition, perhaps few of us can do better than him to resolve the difficulties encountered to achieve the goals.

It is time for RECONCILIATION , learning from the past but MOVING FORWARD without further regret.

Let's continue to share the investment knowledge with one another, not just within the forum, but also with the people around your circle of influence.

HE HELPED US AND WE HELP OTHERS, I believe this is what Dennis hopes to see from us eventually.
dragonhart2 wrote:dear All,

一日为师,终生为父. This forum, investing group, and other activities will continue.....WE (everyone) will make sure it does......Even in his passing, Dennis also continue to teach wake us up!

i will be there tonight.

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Re: Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possi

Post by wemakebread »

Yes, I believe it is Dennis' long-standing wish that we (his graduates) can go on to help others.
In effect, he already started the Pay It Forward concept long time ago, though he may not have used the term until recently.

I also believe that within this circle of graduates, and through platforms like this forum and graduate's gathering, we can continue to share, encourage and build up our knowledge, so that everyone can improve over time. And that means collectively, we have more to give ... to our family, friends, colleagues, society, etc.

Dennis started the spark, and even though he is now no longer with us, yet there are already many hundreds of us.
Each of us is like a flame, some brighter than others, but each of us shining in our own way, in our own circle.

Just to echo the theme of this topic ... when Dennis first shared his knowledge freely, he actually sown the seeds.
As we continue to pass it on, pay it forward and share the goodness around, Dennis' seeds would really reap infinite returns!
And this is the power of multiplying, the power of compounding, the power of pay it forward.
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