Cambodia Investment - Siem Reap

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Cambodia Investment - Siem Reap

Post by cath7888 »

Hi all,

Recently I came to know about an investment at Cambodia's Siem Reap.

The broker said pay US $8,000 can buy a 20 sq m studio at Siem Reap.

They will hold a tour for all investors to visit the land at Siem Reap after
We commit to buy. We are given 45 days grace period to withdraw from

May I know anybody ever invest in Cambodia ? Any comment ? Mind
to share your experience ?

Thank You.

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Re: Cambodia Investment - Siem Reap

Post by jimmyl »

Late response...

I know someone who bought. May not be the same.
The idea is developer sells batch by batch and increases prices by each batch.
You pay but you don't get the unit number. Have to wait till built.

Personally, I would rather invest Mynamar. It's has more natural resources aka money from the ground.
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