What is IDAC? How IDAC affect me?

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What is IDAC? How IDAC affect me?

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What is Idac?

The Idac network was set up to provide a fast, impartial accident assessment service and to reduce claims fraud. There are Idac at convenient locations around Singapore.

Many insurers require policyholders to deliver their vehicle directly to an Idac following an accident. Check with your insurer if in doubt.

If your insurer is a member of Idac:

Your vehicle will be towed free of charge to an Idac within 24 hours of the accident. An assessor will record visible damage and prepare a report on the replacement parts needed.

Once you have the report, you can make arrangements with your insurer for the vehicle to be repaired.

Remember: Do not authorise any repair work without the consent of your insurer as it will need to negotiate repair costs with the workshop before repairs begin.
If your insurer is not a member of Idac:

Your authorised workshop will contact your insurer to have the vehicle surveyed and authorised for repairs.

Idac Hotline

Note: the above info is extracted from info provided by General Insurance Association of Singapore

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