We are Launching FREE Financial Education Outreach Progam

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Re: We are Launching FREE Financial Education Outreach Proga

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Thanks for the well wishes. In fact it was a very fulfilling thing to do and I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to address a total of ~200 people.

It would not be possible if I were to do it all alone. Thanks to Patricia for allowing me to carry on the good deed of MYF. Thanks to Alvin Chow for allowing me to draw on some of his data and information. Thanks to Yew Kin and Hendra with their on-site and morale support. Last but not least, to my wife – Eileen (Ms Tan) for her unconditional support and belief in me.

In conclusion, the saying of “Give, you shall Receive” indeed has added its depth in my life journey.

Just to quote in today’s ST newspaper article about the guy (visiting Korean – 22-year old Choi Dae Ho under the World Taekwondo Fed Peac Corp program) who gave away his slipper to an elderly in the MRT way back in 2nd Fen2013. He said:

“I can’t really help by giving large sums of money but I really want to help them in their lives in every way possible"

so, we don't have to wait for the right time to do good deed, anytime is the right time :)

Best reagrds,
Wei Teck
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