This forum's future - announcement by MasterYourFinace

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This forum's future - announcement by MasterYourFinace

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Good news. Read the message posted by Patricia below
(Patricia is Dennis' wife and has been running various businesses set up by Dennis for many years)

Summary of her message:

1. This forum is confirmed to be continued.

2. No change to the forum rules set up by Dennis - hence please continue to abide by those rules.

3. Pl continue to contribute and benefit from this forum.

4. Patricia is now able to add or delete users. Pl give her time to learn other administrator functions.

patap wrote:Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your concerns regarding the administration of the forum. I have managed to figure out how to add or delete users. As I am not an IT person, I will need abit more time to figure out the rest of the functions. Please be assured that we will continue with the forum. There is simply too much valuable information contributed by all of you for the last 2 years or so. We hope that all graduates (new and existing) will continue to benefit from this forum. We also hope that all of you will abide by the rules of the forum set by the late founder Dennis Ng.

BTW, to correct some mis-communications, Dennis' laptop is with me (and not with Yew Kin).

Patricia (MasterYourFinance.Com)
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