Danga Bay Property

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Danga Bay Property

Post by Clarence_Teh »

Hi All,
anyone been to Dangabay property new launch? wonder is it worth to invest? For people who is Malaysian and is PR of singapore.
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Re: Danga Bay Property

Post by ui21cn »

Hi Clarence,

What I learnt from the news(and also from some of my peers in the property agencies) the take up rate was very good.
Not only from Singapore buyers but also the Main Land Chinese. cant deny the effect of the grand marketing progrm they rolled out.

On the other hand, the property price infor in Malaysia is not as transparent as in Singapore and that make the decision making
a bit "hazy". You will have to rely on the developer and the marketing agents to highlight the good points.

If strictly base on price alone, it is definately much cheaper than Singapore.

But it is not a good comparison base on price alone. As you know, Danga Bay is only part of the southen Johor and Johor is only one of
the 13 states of Malaysia, plus the Capital city of Malaysia is about 450Km away from southen part of Johor.

The ultimate rental market is yet to be tested here. If you are buying as a vacation home, that is totally different story.
Guess you have to look at your investment "risk" tolorence and decide what the best for you.

Wei teck
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